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Motion Capture with your smartphone

RUSH is a mobile app that allow to record easily motion captures with your smartphone and export BVH files to your favortie animation software.

Motion Capure

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How It Work

The RUSH App uses the latest generation of AI technology to capture human body motion, without any sensors or markers with a simple smartphone.

Record body motions easily with your smartphone to animate your favorite characters and export your motions into your animation software. 

Motion Capture into your Animation Software

From the RUSH App, you can export your motion captures from your smartphone to your favorite software to easily animate your characters.

Import a BVH or FBX files to bring your animated films, video games, etc. to life.

Easy Motion Capture

The RUSH application allows you to have the most accessible motion capture technology on the market with your simple smartphone.

Capture your animation wherever you want at an unbeatable price.


Flexible Pricing

Bring your characters to life !